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WooCommerce Catalog Visibility Options Version 3.2.17, Released on 21st Jul, 2021.

WooCommerce Catalog Visibility Options: Turn WooCommerce into an online catalog!

Ever wanted to use WooCommerce to create a ‘catalog’ site– without the cart functionality? Do this and more with WooCommerce Catalog Visibility Options. Or, maybe you pricing information to only show for certain products on your site. The plugin does this too!


Hide prices, or show prices only to logged-in visitors. Choose a different call-to-action for products for which pricing has been disabled (like: “Call for pricing”) Disable e-commerce functionality by disabling the cart.

Marketing Advantages

Many companies choose to make their pricing not publicly visible for compelling marketing reasons. For instance, by making customers ‘call for pricing,’ you can qualify the seriousness of the customer. Finding out pricing provides a compelling incentive to engage your company. Your sales team has the opportunity follow up with the customer or highlight aspects of the sales offering not possible through website content.

Additional information

Plugin Author

Copyright WooThemes. WooThemes is a leading WordPress theme and plugin provider with tons of free and commercial products available to jumpstart your website.


General Public License (GPL). The GPL is the most widely used open source software license, and is the same license as WordPress itself.


Version 3.2.17, Released on [package_meta name="woocommerce_catalog_visibility_options" type

2 reviews for Catalog Visibility Options for WooCommerce

  1. Ron Davis

    Totally transforms a WooCommerce site into an online catalog by simply removing the eCommerce functionality from the WooCommerce plug-in. You can also restrict these options to specific users; configure messages to replace the price tag button completely. If you need eCommerce functionality back you are just a click away from it!

  2. Chris Lema

    I love the plugin, have found it very useful, and highly recommend it for many things. Now, I recommend it for creating a good looking Woocommerce product page without any shopping cart features!

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