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Instantly download WooCommerce Subscriptions Version 4.4.0, Released on 7th Jun, 2022. Updates included as released. Use on as many sites as you like.

An Exact Clone! This is exactly the same plugin (Version 4.4.0, Released on 7th Jun, 2022) as the one sold here by WooThemes.

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WooCommerce Subscriptions Version 4.4.0, Released on 7th Jun, 2022

WooCommerce Subscriptions: What You Get

WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin lets your website offer products with recurring payments. Charge by the year, month, week or day. Also includes Subscription Downloads, lets you assign downloads from any other product in your catalog to one or more subscriptions.

Use this plugin with virtual products and downloads or with physical products or services.

Combine with the Groups for WooCommerce plugin to sell access to content! (Example: Your site is a trade association and sells access to industry research reports for ‘members’ via a subscription.)

Customer View

Customers can see details about any subscriptions they have purchased under “My Account” including: those purchased, subscription status, next payment date and end date. Customers can use action buttons from this page to:

  • Change their address
  • Change their method of payment
  • Suspend or Cancel their active subscription
  • Renew a subscription
  • ‘Upgrade’ or ‘Downgrade’ to a different subscription

Payment Integration Options Include:

Supports both manual and automatic payments.

More Features!

  • Easy Cancellations: Payments cancelled through PayPal automatically cancelled in WooCommerce
  • Ability to charge Sign-Up Fees
  • Define subscription lengths

Additional information

Plugin Author

Copyright WooThemes. WooThemes is a leading WordPress theme and plugin provider with tons of free and commercial products available to jumpstart your website.


General Public License (GPL). The GPL is the most widely used open source software license, and is the same license as WordPress itself.


Version 4.4.0, Released on 7th Jun, 2022

3 reviews for Subscriptions for WooCommerce

  1. Ren Ventura

    Whether you sell digital downloads or shaving supplies, a recurring revenue business model is a great way to go and is easily achieved with this extremely powerful plugin for WooCommerce.

  2. Loise Martins

    The Subscriptions extension for WooCommerce allows you to offer recurring payments to your customers and it can be combined with many other extensions. One of these extensions that can make Subscriptions better is called Groups.

  3. maya

    If you have any kind of commercial site, you will eventually need this plugin. Every time I’ve enabled a subscription product for a client using this plugin, monthly revenue has drastically increased. The clients love me for it!

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